Hi! I'm Vitaliy, a Software Engineer
with 20+ years of experience in software development.

I help businesses, startups and entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life.
Got a project you need help with? Feel free to drop me a line!


  • Programming / Testing

    I mostly code backend services. Go is my current principal language, but consider me as a polyglot. I started with BASIC and Z80 assembler when I was a teenager. Since then I've used a couple of dozens different programming languages. In my professional career I've mostly used PHP and JavaScript. I also worked with code in C#, Java, C, C++, Objective C, Perl and Delphi. I like to explore new languages and shifting programming paradigms: object-oriented, functional, procedural, declarative. Testing is a significant part of my coding process. I love writing all kinds of tests: unit, integration, acceptance. Testing is what makes our everyday work easier. I like mixing testing approaches from different languages and using specific xUnit frameworks and test automation tools.

  • Software Architecture / API Design

    My design approach is based on reusing well known frameworks, strong focus on simplicity and clarity, and deep understanding of domain-specific constraints. I'm trying to follow RESTful API principles and best practices in HTTP communications. Recently I started using Protocol Buffers and gRPC.

  • DevOps / Server Management / Docker

    I am an active participant in devops movement that emphasizes the collaboration and communication of both software developers and other IT professionals while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. I use Docker everywhere: from development to testing and production. As Unix specialist I like command line and always can help with server administration tasks. I'm familiar with the systems development life cycle (SDLC) and can organise the full cycle from planning to monitoring. I use AWS (Amazon Web Services) for various projects all the time and I've also got a couple of hobby projects on Google Cloud.

  • Client Side Apps / UI & UX Consulting

    I like coding in javascript, hacking something in node and improving UI with Angular or Vue. My biggest javascript script project is written with CreateJS library. It's a rich in-browser media and custom slide show player. I'm familiar with all major operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux.

  • Mobile Development

    I've got an experience with publishing mobile apps to both Google Play and App Store. While personally I prefer native applications, I worked with hybrid and web mobile application frameworks. Any decent mobile app is built upon solid backend API, that I can also design from the ground.

About Me

I help software companies and startups to achieve their goals. I've been adding value to businesses by providing my expertise in programming, API design and software architecture. I've worked in education, finance, automotive and real estate industries and my knowledge and experience are applicable to any other business domains. I'm a business oriented software developer and I bring a strategic overview of any technology challenges. My motto is "First, solve the problem. Then, write the code." I enjoy programming and everything connected to it. I strive to write efficient, maintainable and clean code.

I've got a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and over 20 years of experience in software development. Most of that time I spent programming backend services and web applications in PHP, but I'm very open to new programming languages. Recently I switched to Go as my language of choice for the modern web.

I often think about how do we, programmers, can improve our very young industry overall? I believe in testing, it's the right thing to do in our journey to perfection. Tests help us to write clean, maintainable code and should be considered as a part of any production code base.

All in all, I'm just a guy who likes to find and solve problems and make things happen. I live in sunny Brisbane, Australia and I'm open to remote work. You are welcome to download my resume.


I LOVE helping people! I'm always open to new projects and ideas. Even if I'm busy with my current work, I try to respond everyone, understand their needs and suggest the best technical approach. Please, don't hesitate to contact me via Twitter, Facebook, Telegram or the form below.